Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

unfounded suppositions

I recently found out I have celiac disease caused by an allergic reaction to wheat.

I stopped eating anything made of wheat and lost 10% of my bodyweight; and my digestive system shrank when the inflammation subsided.

Then I wondered why I hadn’t been allergic to wheat my whole life, until the past few years (when my stool became different and I had a weight control problem).

Turns out my allergy developed at the same time the genetically modified wheat came into the wheat based food I was eating.

Also, it turns out millions of Americans have lately been diagnosed as having an allergy to wheat. And have become overweight, with a characteristic swollen abdominal area.

Then my MD recently told me, with an air of secrecy about him, that the GM wheat, like other GM foods, has a pesticide built into the genome so bugs won’t eat it.

This reminds me of when, during WWII, the food factories started making margarine to feed turkeys with. The turkeys wouldn’t eat it, so they rebranded it as a butter substitute and sold it for human consumption instead.

If the bugs won’t eat the food they sell us, why should we? The new food is gently killing us. This includes corn products too. The starch things are the base of most of our diet so that leaves rice as a possible last resort for getting the starch and carbs. Maybe potatoes, I don’t know if they’ve been compromised or not.

It occurs to me to ask, why wouldn’t the FDA prohibit mild poisons in the GM foods that surely lead to earlier death for the taxpayers.

It also occurs to me that if all the baby boomer generation would just go away, the major part of the U.S. budget problem would also go away. They’re nearly done earning and about to become, as the elderly have always done, a burden to society.

In fact if the taxpayer lifespan were only 65 years instead of 80, and the age to live to collect Social Security is 70, we could have a balanced budget pretty quickly!




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