Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Global Climate Change, formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling

Since the Stone Age humans have taken personal responsibility for climate change. Native Americans and many other ancient cultures believed they could dance in the dust and cause rain to fall. Or flip a beetle on its back at the precise correct moment (see “Rolling Thunder”).

In the ’70’s the Ice Age was coming.

In the early 21st century the hockey stick graph promulgated by opportunistic politicians was popularized.


There are however, a few interesting scientific facts about the climate.


This writer pointed one of them out during a Q&A period following a presentation  in 2008  by Stephen H. Schneider, a part of the Gore global warming hoax at the annual AIG (then named Chartis) meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, coinciding with the October Ft. Lauderdale Boat show. The late Schneider was a well known climatologist at Stanford.

I asked if the speaker was aware that the solar observatory on Mauna Loa had data indicating that the surface temperatures of Mars and Venus were rising and falling at the same rate and time as the Earth’s… and he very quickly replied “We’ve already taken that into account” … not long after which, he publicly recanted on his human caused global warming support position.

In 2008 the Earth, Mars and Venus surfaces recorded the fastest temperature drops on record of 1 degree centigrade. During the same period there were zero ‘sunspots’ or solar flares.

NASA has predicted in 2010 a drop in solar surface activity over the next 30 years, leading to weather patterns similar to the 1950’s.

It seems they didn’t forecast accurately since solar surface activity has spiked of late, with corresponding additional energy reaching the 3 planets.

2) Carbon dioxide is not a cause of increasing surface temps, it is instead a result (see Fred Singer’s work) as demonstrated by data showing the temp changes lead the CO2 changes.

3) Further to CO2 in the atmosphere; planting a tree to compensate for burning fossil fuels is cute, doesn’t hurt anything in and of itself,  but does not work unless you cut the tree down at the climax of growth and bury it ‘where the sun don’t shine’, deep enough that when it decomposes the CO2 doesn’t leak back up into the surface cycle.

4) We are in fact adding to the CO2 in the surface cycle by digging up and breaking down fossil carbons. We’re not actually shipping carbon in from other planets but we are reactivating stuff that’s been in storage for eons. If the science is correct, back then the earth was warmer. So if we dig all the old stuff up and burn it we will have a warmer climate overall. But we’re a very long way from accomplishing that feat. Probably we can’t afford to get it done.

I like natural gas; we can create it in several ways, so it’s renewable. The compound is CH4 (one carbon and 4 hydrogens) so when caused to react with oxygen (burning it) the result is CO, and mostly that goes to CO2, and then H2O. No particulates. Pretty neat.




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