Thursday, June 14th, 2012

We like educated consumers

Wells & Co Marine Insurance Agency doesn’t try to sell insurance by scaring our clients into it or misinforming them as to their needs in order to sell them something they don’t want.

We have nothing to hide. Our mission is to provide the best service using the correct tools for the job that you and we agree needs to be accomplished. We are paid enough commission to run the company and have a decent living, and not to be hungry for every possible dollar from each account.

From time to time on this blog I will try to upgrade your knowledge of marine insurance, and particularly of the ‘product’ we provide; which is not just the contract of insurance, but in addition includes what we hope is an easy and pleasant business relationship based on trust.

Elsewhere on our website are descriptions of the various types of vessels we insure and the forms of insurance that we find are appropriate for each of them.

Here, I will describe real and supposed examples of insured casualties, to help illuminate the function of what may be percieved as expensive, mysterious pieces of paper you buy every year.

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